A new crowdfunding campaign on Zaar hopes to kick-start an initiative for the Maltese Honey Bee to become officially recognised as Malta’s National Insect.

Led by local voluntary organisation Fondazzjoni għall-Konservazzjoni tan-Naħla Maltija, the online crowdfunding venture aims to raise just €200 to fund an advertising campaign that champions the cause of the Maltese Honey Bee. 

This campaign will create awareness, educate the public and advocate for official recognition from the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) of the Maltese Honey Bee as Malta’s National Insect – an initiative already backed by various local and regional councils, as well as public figures including experts in the field and politicians. 

Endemic to Malta, the Maltese Honey Bee – scientifically known as Apis mellifera ruttneri – has been an integral part of the country’s ecosystem and culture for generations. Its vital role in pollination supports the growth of local flora and contributes to the production of honey across the Maltese islands.

“Malta is home to a unique subspecies of honey bee that is found nowhere else on Earth. It is our responsibility to ensure its survival and recognition,” says one of the volunteers behind the campaign at Fondazzjoni għall-Konservazzjoni tan-Naħla Maltija. “Securing its status as Malta’s National Insect would highlight the ecological and cultural significance of this incredible insect in the island’s natural heritage. It would also reinforce why its conservation is so important. We invite everyone who shares our passion for Malta’s environment and unique biodiversity to donate to our crowdfunding campaign and spread the word about this very worthy cause. Every donation helps!”

Donate to the Promoting the Initiative: The Maltese Honey Bee as the National Insect of Malta crowdfunding campaign on Zaar at www.zaar.com.mt.