A new Oncology Aesthetics course, made available in Malta through Makiba Essence, now ensures that qualified beauty therapists can safely treat local cancer patients.

Led by Oncology Training International Inc, the course is an advanced certification training programme for spa and beauty professionals. Developed through extensive research, it provides beauty therapists with the knowledge and skills to understand different types of cancer, its current treatments and their side effects – and how to safely modify beauty and wellness treatments for cancer patients.

Not all beauty treatments are safe for cancer patients, and typically a cancer patient may be advised by doctors and oncologists to stop all such treatments while they are undergoing chemotherapy, for example,” explains Ingrid Coleiro at Makiba Essence, a distributor of skincare products in Malta for more than two decades. “While cancer patients are going through what may be the hardest and most painful time of their life, they also face having to stop self-care treatments – something that might otherwise boost their quality of life when they need it most. 

“Through this advanced and accredited course, qualified beauty therapists can modify treatments and products to make them safe for the client, without impacting their cancer care. We hope that, in Malta, more industry professionals – from hairdressers to nail technicians – will also qualify in Oncology Aesthetics, and that it will become a standard part of the curriculum.”

Inspired by a meeting between Ms Coleiro and the founder of Oncology Training International Inc in New York, Makiba Essence introduced Oncology Aesthetics to Malta and coordinates the availability of the course for local professionals. 

As one of the first of 10 aestheticians in Malta to qualify locally, Karin Fenech at FaceTime Facial Clinic began the online course in 2020. “Oncology Aesthetics is an essential aspect of the beauty and wellness industry that requires specialised training and expertise. The idea of cancer patients being excluded from spa treatments due to contra-indications did not sit well with us. We wanted to be able to provide care to all individuals and offer a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for cancer patients,” she shares. “The course was accessible from the moment we enrolled and we had the flexibility to complete its modules – each covering different aspects of Oncology Aesthetics – at our own pace.”

To celebrate their completion of the intensive course, five of the 10 qualified aestheticians travelled in March with Ms Coleiro to Dublin, Ireland, to attend the Boost Your Business Conference. Joining Ms Fenech in receiving their certificates and awards at the event were Arthea Briffa, Antonella Calleja, Sonya Vanessa Gauci and Marquita Grixti.

The Dublin conference was a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in our field from around the world. It was inspiring to hear about the innovative and important work being done in Oncology Aesthetics,” adds Ms Fenech. “By acquiring the necessary training and expertise, therapists can make a significant impact on the quality of life of their clients and expand their career opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. Knowing that I can make a positive difference in someone’s life during a challenging time is incredibly gratifying and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”

To find out more about the Oncology Aesthetics online course, email Ingrid Coleiro at Makiba Essence on info@makibaessence.eu or visit the Makiba Essence page on Facebook.