In a world first, Malta-based innovation consultancy CLEANTECH360 is delighted to announce that the unique Attomarker Antibody Immunity Test is now available at Remedies Clinic.

This near-patient, rapid diagnostic test – the first of its kind to provide a measure of COVID-19 antibody immunity and how long it is likely to last – will help individuals understand their personal COVID risk and to take more informed health decisions. The test can also establish antibody immunity thresholds for different variants, helping to maintain an effective vaccine shield to control infection and reduce the prevalence of the virus.

For the first time, individuals can know whether they have high antibody levels and can approach a “normal” daily life.  More importantly, we can identify poor responders or those with a rapidly waning vaccine or booster effect, so they can protect themselves, ideally before falling below the ‘edge of immunity.’ This could become a vital test for the elderly, more vulnerable and regular travellers.

“I am really pleased that our test is being rolled-out in Malta,” says Professor Andrew Shaw, CEO and Founder of Attomarker. “Rapid, close to patient diagnosis can identify an individual’s unique antibody profile and immunity status, giving clinicians the information they need to optimise protective interventions quickly. Additionally, in new phases of the pandemic, it can rapidly establish antibody levels that support immunity to new variants, helping guide both individual approaches and more widespread policies.

Attomarker’s test is the only rapid, quantitative, near-patient Antibody Immunity Test in the world that can tell you the level and type of antibodies you have developed as a result of vaccination and, if relevant, from natural infection. It can also predict how long your personal antibody immunity is likely to last into the future, until you reach what is termed ‘the edge of immunity.’

Prof Shaw continues: “The recognition of personal response to disease and medicines is increasingly vital, and it enables people to take greater control over their own health. This test gives people as much information as possible about their Covid immunity, which will in turn enable them to make more educated decisions about their health.”    

Attomarker’s Antibody Immunity test measures IgG antibodies to Nucleocapsid, Spike, Spike Omicron, RBD, and provides a CRP result (an important measure of inflammation). It is hoped that, by maintaining an Antibody Immunity Shield, it will be possible to stop more people from getting infected in the first place. If we can prevent more infections, less people should be at risk from the potentially life-altering consequences of long-Covid.

“I am delighted to team up with Remedies to provide Attomarker to the Maltese market. This development perfectly reflects Malta as an entrepreneurial hub for innovation and expansion,” says Teuta Oruci, CEO for Malta-based CLEANTECH360, which provides strategy and growth consulting for the advancement of green technologies.

This is just the first of a number of important medical products currently in development by Attomarker. The company is already using its unique technology platform to research and develop further tests: including biomarkers for liver health, food allergies and fertility. Provided trials are successful, CLEANTECH360 expects to announce the availability of these tests in Malta in due course.

Attomarker Antibody Immunity Test is exclusively available in Malta at Remedies.

To book a test please call or email: Remedies Clinic Tel:  2149 8000
Mobile:  7949 8008

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