Following the success of its first conscious dining event earlier this year, Corinthia Palace will host a second edition of the exclusive culinary experience inside the beautiful Villa Corinthia on Tuesday 5 April at 7.30pm.

Renowned Corinthia Palace Executive Chef Stefan Hogan and his award-winning team have collaborated with pesticide-free local farm Bint l-Irjieh to create an all-new, sustainable and delicious menu, combined with a selection of locally produced fine wines.

The carefully curated, multi-course dinner will showcase the best of the season’s produce. Guests can sample a tasty starter of Maltese sourdough bread served with whipped sheep cheese and fig conserve or radish cultured butter with olive oil. The evening’s menu continues with other mouth-watering, locally sourced dishes such as a baked potato ‘risotto’ with cured egg yolk and kale pesto and pan seared meagre with capers, anchovies, tomato and artichokes.

“This is an unforgettable evening designed for those keen to dine more consciously,” says Chef Hogan, in anticipation of the event. “It will continue the sustainable concept from winter into spring. The hospitality industry is changing, focusing on the ever-growing need for sustainability at the core of all we do. Diners are increasingly aware of where their food has come from, as well as their carbon footprint and the impact of their choice of food on the planet. For the second edition of our Locally Conscious Dinner, we have worked with local suppliers to reflect the needs of diners and the world today. This is the future of conscious dining!”

For more information about A Locally Conscious Dinner at Villa Corinthia or to see the menu, visit , call 2144 0301 or email You can also follow @corinthiapalace on Instagram.