Launched in 2019, Eco Market Malta is an event-based project with the objective to sensibilize the country towards environmental sustainability. The goal is to inspire more consumers to transit towards a sustainable life-style and at the same time assist small and medium businesses to become greener.

The latest research suggests that now more than ever, companies need to infuse their brands with purpose, trust and sustainability; something that benefits communities at large and the environment. In a report that offers an insight into the new priorities of consumers, and opportunity for every business to survive and thrive, Euromonitor International, a global market research company, has revealed a rise in purpose-driven initiatives that support the triple bottom line (TBL): people, planet and profits, as 70% of professionals expect consumers to be more conscious about the environment and sustainability than before Covid-19.

In anticipation to these changing trends, in 2020 Eco Market Malta has launched Coral, an online market-place featuring exclusively products that are good for the people and good for the planet.

Coral is a convenient one-stop-shop to discover and buy earth-friendly products from local sustainable brands across multiple categories, including Fashion, Home, Kids, Beauty, Wellness, Food and Outdoors. All products are endorsed with the ‘Eco Market’ approval stamp against greenwashing (which is a marketing tactic to portray a false or misleading impression, making a product seem eco-friendly, while in reality it is not.)

“Even before the pandemic, Malta has been witnessing a significant rise in small and medium business focused towards earth-friendly products and services, zero-waste alternatives, reusables, products made from recycled materials, recyclable, up-cycled, sustainably-sourced, natural, vegan, organic, fair-trade, pesticide-free… the list goes on and on” says Eco Market Malta founder, Zen D’Amato Gautam.

“As I started to discover these new, fantastic, responsibly-made products, the idea of creating a marketplace especially for them seemed quite natural. We now have over 500 different products and 40 local businesses on Coral”. “More products and new vendors are being added every day and there are several innovative features to be implemented in the coming months that will allow us to offer an added value and a more enjoyable and meaningful experience to the customer, such as a loyalty programme.

“The brand’s name ‘Coral’ was inspired by the documentary ‘Chasing Coral’, where it explains how more than half of the world’s beautiful coral has died due to bleaching, which is a consequence of a rise in sea temperatures. Global warming is already affecting our oceans and what is happening to coral is an example of what will happen on land if climate change is not tackled in time. There is also an interesting little-known fact that in 2016, Malta set a world record for being home to the most precious and deeper red coral in the world.

“Every business, regardless of size and industry, can easily implement green business practices, contribute to the planet’s well-being, and at the same time growing successfully and profitably. Success and sustainability in business now go hand in hand.

‘What is good for the planet, is good for the business” – Forbes 2019

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