A day-long event aimed at helping content creators to improve their writing skills has been launched by the Finesse Group, the company that successfully created the online Finesse Writers’ Club.

Aimed at people who are keen to commercialise their writing or who write professionally in some capacity, the in-person event on 11 September will give writers and aspiring writers the chance to work with leading international copywriting coaches, get feedback on their work, and overcome writers’ block.

“Writing can be a very lonely endeavour,” says Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana, who founded the Finesse Writers’ Club and has been a commercial copywriter for over 15 years. “It can also be hard to get proper feedback on your work, to know what you need to improve on, and to find clients. We launched the Club to help people overcome that, and writers of all descriptions have loved the camaraderie and opportunity to improve. Now, the Writers’ Retreat will give even more creators the chance to do the same, and in a fun, in-person setting if they so wish.”

The Finesse Writers’ Retreat will address several key topics, including how to overcome dreaded writers’ block, how to tackle different types of commercial content writing, how to work through a checklist of writing prompts, and how to build a client base to sell your writing to. Coaches include Jo Caruana and Rebecca Cachia from Finesse, as well as mindset coach Jon Shaw from Coaching Minds and leading US copywriter Katie Lantukh from Murphy Marketing.

“The more I work as a copywriter, the more I am convinced that there will always be a demand for copywriters,” says Ms Lantukh, who will deliver a keynote called The Ultimate Writer’s Checklist: Write This Way to Get Paid. “I studied journalism, but it took me eight years to figure out how to make a living as a copywriter and to get the courage to try it. I hope that my experience can help Retreat attendees skip some of the unnecessary wrong turns. One of my biggest mistakes was turning away jobs that I didn’t think I was qualified for but, with the right research and strategies, a good writer can confidently write about anything.”

Ms Caruana makes clear the Retreat isn’t just for content creators and aspiring copywriters who want to write professionally, but for anyone that uses writing in their jobs – from business owners to those working in marketing and sales.

“It will provide a fun, interactive, and motivational new way of boosting your writing skills whatever your level, so you can walk away confident in your abilities, how to use them across writing types, and how to sell them,” she says.

“As the online world gets more and more competitive, writing and content creation remain some of the most in-demand skills of the moment. So, this is the perfect event to help you capitalise on that,” Ms Caruana concludes. “We look forward to seeing you there!”

The Finesse Writers’ Retreat will take place on 11 September at the Palace Hotel in Sliema, with an online option for those who cannot or would rather not attend in person. Limited tickets are available: www.byfinessegroup.com/writers-retreat.