If you love hopping into one of GoTo’s vehicles to get around, your next trip could help the planet even more, thanks to a new initiative by GoTo Malta.

To celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8 and help cut down on ocean-polluting plastic waste, GoTo Malta is leaving a limited-edition, branded aluminium reusable bottle inside its electric vehicles for you to find and keep, while stocks last.

The initiative is a fitting way to continue GoTo’s mission towards sustainability by raising awareness about tackling plastic waste. The global brand aims to reduce the number of cars in the world’s cities through offering innovative, affordable and eco-conscious multi-modal travel alternatives. Since its local launch in 2018, GoTo has revolutionised Malta’s transport network with its convenient One-Way and Roundtrip services, all provided via its exclusive fleet of electric cars and mopeds and accessible through one membership and user-friendly app.

“Sustainability and saving the environment have always been at the heart of the GoTo ethos,” explains Zach Bergerson, GoTo Malta’s Director of Operations. “We want to do our part to help combat the estimated eight million tons of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year – and raise awareness so that others may be inspired to do the same.”

Since GoTo Malta shares its mission to reduce plastic waste in the ocean with the Malta National Aquarium – and has two exclusive parking spots situated directly next to it – the two organisations have joined forces in aid of World Ocean Day. A small number of the GoTo-branded reusable bottles will be used at the Aquarium during an Ocean Day-themed activity, while visitors and GoTo customers will also enjoy access to an exclusive offer.

“We are delighted to partner with GoTo Malta to help boost awareness of ocean plastic waste. The GoTo reusable bottles will be distributed as part of our World Ocean Day weekend Trash Hunt on June 12 and 13, where visitors can search for different plastic objects around the Aquarium and find out how long they will take to degrade, or their ‘Environmental Price Tag’,” explains Mark Pace, Marketing Director at the Malta National Aquarium. “Also, all Aquarium visitors will be offered €5 free driving credit with GoTo if they are not yet GoTo customers, while existing GoTo customers will benefit from a €3 discount on their entrance ticket to the Aquarium.”

The GoTo app is available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. GoTo customers can claim the discount on Aquarium entry tickets by showing the GoTo app at the point of sale, while the free GoTo driving credit can be claimed using the promocode GOTOAQUA during the GoTo registration process.