Mr. Riley’s been around since 1974, making the brand 47 years old (and counting)!  Nowadays, Mr. Riley offers a wide range of snacks for all the family to enjoy.

Mr. Riley recently had the pleasure of meeting local artist Julian Cini, who recreated the brand image in his own style. This collaboration involved a vibrant, eye-catching mural, at the premises of Rimus Group in Bulebel, Zejtun. 

The mural design involves intricate drawings of the flagship products that Mr. Riley is best known for: French Fries, Party Time and Pizza Rings. At the event, Julian Cini said, “I would like to thank Mr Riley and the Communiqué team for making this dream come true. From an idea that I had when I posted on social media — mixing my style with other local Maltese brands — to this big collaboration, creating a vibrant modern mural referencing Mr. Riley snacks. It’s quite inspiring for me to keep on creating and inspire others.”

The unveiling of Julian Cini’s mural coincided with the op ening of the competition. “Working with Julian and seeing such creativity made everyone at the brand want to see more local art,” said Bernice Micallef, managing director at Communiqué and one of the directors of the Rimus Group. “This inspired us to use the Mr. Riley brand to support teenagers and young adults in their artistic endeavours by launching the Snack Attack Art Competition, thereby giving all entrants the opportunity to get their hands on the kinds of prizes any young artist would like to have. We’re talking about digital graphic tablets, both with and without displays, and art supply vouchers.” 

This competition is open to anyone over 13, however if anyone under the age of 13 would like to participate, then they can also submit, as long as they are aware that they will be competing against artists up to 16 years of age. The competition is open to two age groups: 13–16 and 17+. 

Entries can show Mr. Riley or the French Fries pack against any backdrop — and artists are free to use whichever creative style, medium or platform they would like to use. Both digital and non-digital formats are accepted. Multiple submissions are permitted, but each artwork must be registered separately. 

It’s important to register by 15th November, as the deadline for all submissions is 15th December 2022. The winner will be announced by 21st December, just in time for Christmas. 

Registration is quick and easy. You can either scan the QR code or follow this link for submission guidelines: All the competition information is there. You can also email Mr Riley on:

Artist Julian Cini, Bernice Micallef & Mr Riley