Founder, architect and structural engineer at MA Architects Mark Arrigo has attained LEED® certification, an internationally recognised environmental and sustainability certification system.

LEED® is a holistic framework that tackles global climate change through promoting healthy, efficient, low carbon and cost-saving green buildings. Instead of focusing on single sustainability-related features, the system measures the overall performance of a building or community according to specific metrics such as energy or water efficiency, waste minimisation, reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of indoor air quality for occupants.

Professionals who achieve certification as a LEED® Green Associate™ – following a strict online examination process with the US Green Building Council – become equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote and implement green building practices.

“LEED® is the most widely recognised green building programme in the world,” explains Mr Arrigo. “Those who study to attain LEED® certification do so from a desire to make a difference in the design and construction industry – and as an architect, we have the tools to achieve that. We must be the advocates of sustainable building, and failure is not an option. At MA Architects, we are driven by a passion for quality and for marrying creativity with practical function in the architectural field. Achieving LEED® certification fits perfectly with that mission.”

Mark Arrigo is only the fifth industry professional in Malta to achieve LEED® certification, alongside other architects and engineers. Having attained LEED® Green Associate™, Mr Arrigo now has his sights set on studying for a LEED® AP credential, which offers an advanced level of the accreditation and a deeper understanding of the subject. Meanwhile, another member of the MA Architects team is also studying to become a LEED® Green Associate™.

“MA Architects is keen to take the country forward with bold, beautiful and functional buildings,” highlights Mr Arrigo. “With a LEED® certification, we can now recommend the use of certain measures and performance materials that can create greener and more sustainable projects, and advocate for a more environmentally aware building industry.”

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