Malta’s leading winemaker turned 100, marking this impressive milestone with a fabulous concert and gala event.

On 27 April Marsovin, Malta’s household name synonymous with premium locally-produced wines, celebrated its 100th anniversary in the distinguished presence of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Mrs Michelle Muscat, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Founded in 1919 when Chev Anthony Cassar first established the brand, Marsovin has since grown into a dynamic family-run company that continues to trailblaze high-quality wine production and export in Malta.

“Not every company is able to reach a 100-year milestone, especially when there are so many things in that time that could prevent such a great achievement,” says Jeremy Cassar, CEO of Marsovin, and great-grandson of Marsovin’s original founder. “It takes vision, resilience, adaptability to changing markets, passion and many loyal employees to steer a company through a whole century – and it is all this that has brought Marsovin this far.

“Today we are proud of our name as being synonymous with wine in the local community; it is a name that some might even say has forged the wine industry in Malta. In fact, Marsovin has always been one step ahead throughout its history, and it will continue to pioneer the future of winemaking in Malta for many more years to come.”

At the young age of 16, Anthony Cassar embarked on his mission to become a leading wine producer by purchasing wine from local importers and selling it from horse-drawn carts across the island. Since then, Marsovin has achieved distinction in Malta and internationally for the quality and variety of its range of wines.

The winemaker has been responsible for several ‘firsts’ that have transformed Malta’s wine industry over the last century, such as being the first to start selling wine in glass bottles locally, building Malta’s first temperature-controlled fermentation tanks, and launching the label’s first vintage, estate and organic wines. Marsovin was also instrumental in the lobbying and writing of new local protocols when EU law introduced regulations regarding the production of wine in Malta and Gozo.

In commemoration of this milestone event, Marsovin has produced a limited edition premium wine, bottled in an exclusive selection of sizes from 75cl, to Magnum, Double Magnum, Jeroboam, and Melchior. It is available for sale now.