A stellar cast including Naomi Said, Edward Caruana Galizia and Nicholas Jackson, directed by Ian Moore, is currently in rehearsals to tell the classic tale of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal from January 20.

The drama is one of two within Masquerade Malta’s ‘Out of the Blue’ project that also mark two major milestones: Masquerade’s 25th anniversary theatre season and the 10th anniversary of Blue Box at M Space.

“Pinter, not unlike Masquerade, is an icon within the arts; playwright, performer, producer and director, the man touched every base within the theatre industry – as does Masquerade, as an arts organisation,” says Mr Moore. “Staging his seminal work sets the bar high for the forthcoming season, a season we hope many will remember as one of the best, offering a wide variety of choice, which is exactly the legacy Masquerade creates.”

Widely considered as Pinter’s most accessible work, Betrayal is a tender yet mesmerising masterpiece of relationships and adultery. In this devastating dissection of a love triangle, secrets and lies unravel and time spools backwards, revealing the first sparks of passion ignited between Emma (Naomi Said) and Jerry (Edward Caruana Galizia) and placing the audience in the tantalising position of knowing more than the characters. As such, the play is both a compelling portrait of the relationship between the lovers and the competitiveness of male friendships, particularly between Jerry and Robert (Nicholas Jackson).

Completing the moving atmosphere in Masquerade’s anniversary production of this classic play will also be live music performed by top local violinist Sean Borg.

“We are looking forward to kicking off our 25th anniversary theatre season with two incredible productions at Blue Box at M Space,” says Masquerade Malta’s artistic director, anthony bezzina. “Alongside the psychological thriller Misery, which will premiere in February, Betrayal is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!”

Performances of Betrayal will take place on 20-22, 26-29 January 2023 at Blue Box at M Space. For more information and to book tickets, visit www.masquerademalta.com