Nestlé Purina collaborated with four local animal organisations to donate meals via social media shares.

The Malta branch of Nestlé’s pet food brand Purina has donated 10,000 meals to four deserving animal sanctuaries across the island.

Purina Malta donated Gourmet Soups to CSAF Malta, Tomasina Cat Sanctuary, CLAWS and Animal Care Malta with every share of the brand’s social media post about the campaign, in a bid to improve the long-term health of shelter cats while encouraging the public to adopt their pets from sanctuaries.

“Sanctuaries play an important role in our society by providing shelter and care to cats that have been abandoned or abused,” stresses Nestlé product manager John Paul Mifsud. “But they depend on volunteers and donations.

“Through our Gourmet Soup donation, we wanted to communicate that a shelter cat and a home cat should be treated the same – they deserve the same love and treatment.

“In collaboration with shelters, we are dedicated to making sure the world gets to know shelter cats as they really are – friendly and wonderful lifelong companions. So, we are encouraging the public to adopt pets from, and volunteer at, these sanctuaries.”

Guided by a passion for pets, Purina also hopes to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them. “High-quality pet food is our biggest focus, so we have donated Gourmet Soups to feed shelter pets across the nation, and to give them the nutrition they need to be healthy for their future families,” continues Mr Mifsud.

Meanwhile, the meals have received an eager reception at the sanctuaries. “We are delighted to be taking part in this initiative by Purina Malta,” shares Christine Dougall from CLAWS – Cat Lovers, Adoptions, Welfare and Support. “Our cats got a taste of Gourmet Soups this morning and they were devoured before we could even take any photos. We will have to be faster next time! If your cat is a fussy eater, we certainly recommend you try these.”

To support Purina Gourmet Soup campaign and help feed more shelter cats, we encourage the public to consider pet adoption.