A melange of cultures, colours and imagery make up Saz Mifsud’s new collection of silk products. Entitled Lion Girl, the collection features new products namely a half moon silk evening bag with beaded strap and silk tops. The collection is now available online at www.sazmifsud.com.

The collection takes its name from the two sources of the designer’s inspiration: Malta and New York City. “Lion” refers to the lions typically found on Maltese door knockers, while “Girl” refers to Saz Mifsud’s interpretation of a girl from one of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s paintings, whose works are on display at one the many museums the designer visited while in New York. “To me the name Lion Girl symbolises a powerful femininity that emerges from both my designs, and the women who wear them,” comments Mifsud.

Whether it’s the vibrant pink and mustard or red, purple and turquoise hues of the stylish half moon bag, offset by a sparkling beaded strap or the whimsical shades of the playful and frilly tops, the new Saz Mifsud collection revels in injecting fantasy into its wearer’s wardrobe.

In addition to its new items, the collection features trademark favourites including the dreamily smooth silk scarves and shawls, the chic neckerchiefs, and the pretty hair ties and headbands.

Over the last year the designer travelled back and forth between Malta and New York —two places so different, yet inspiring in their own ways. The Maltese natural landscape is a key theme in all Mifsud’s collections. “If you look carefully, you will see imagery of trees and freesias in my prints,” she points out.  However, you will also see man-made elements in the form of traditional Maltese door knockers. The fusion of these worlds has thus led to the creation of the dream-like prints.

Mifsud is a strong advocate for a fair work environment. All her products are created by craftspeople who focus on high quality fabrics and beautiful sewing in fair and safe conditions. A happy work environment is fundamental in creating a better fashion industry.

View the collection at www.sazmifsud.com. Your colourful journey awaits.

Photo credit: Suzi Mifsud