“Democracies flourish when large numbers of citizens acquire the capacity to shape civic and economic life. Social Entrepreneurship is a process that enables citizens to do that.”

Azadeh Tajdar, Co-founder/Director, of Shetab, Center for Business & Social Innovation in Kabul, Afghanistan

This quote captures the essence underlying the motivation of the founders of the newly formed Social Entrepreneurs Association Malta. The aim of SEAM is to empower social entrepreneurs to achieve their aspirations, whilst creating a positive social impact on the world.

The Association aims to bring together like-minded organizations, companies and people who believe that social entrepreneurship in Malta has huge potential and who are ready to participate in the development and strengthening of the sector.

“The rise of social entrepreneurship gives hope for the future. Their innovative and passionate nature bring much needed change to local and global issues, creating positive impact to people and planet. Social enterprises make the world a better place!” says Dr Roberta Lepre, Founder of SEAM. “Through this Association, we want to create an eco- system around social entrepreneurs and assist them with all aspects of running a business, including legalities, funding and business development.

Social enterprises are not ‘not-for-profit’. Their business model is like any other business; the difference lies in the fact that social enterprises do not measure their success in terms of profit exclusively, but by evaluating their performance in a broader perspective and their positive impact. Like any other business, they produce income to pay expenses and remain financially sustainable, however they measure their success following the concept of the Triple Bottom Line. The TBL, (coined in 1994 by John Elkington) refers to a framework consisting of three parts; social, environmental and financial.

The Association aims to lobby for the recognition of social enterprise as a legally recognised form, through the enactment of the Social Enterprise Act; and advocate for the interest of the sector at local, regional and national levels.

Anyone with an interest in social entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurs, academics and students, are invited to join SEAM as a member to become part of the community and learn about benefits and opportunities in the sector.

For further information, kindly email emailseam@gmail.com or visit www.seam.org.mt