The Foundation for the Conservation of the Maltese Honey Bee has launched a second crowdfunding campaign on Zaar, as part of its initiative to urge the Environmental Resources Authority (ERA) to name the Maltese Honey Bee as the official National Insect of Malta.

Scientifically known as Apis mellifera ruttneri, the Maltese Honey Bee is native to the Maltese islands and holds significant ecological and cultural importance, playing a vital role through pollination in the growth of local flora and production of honey. By securing its recognition as the national insect and elevating this endemic subspecies to a status comparable to other national species such as the national bird, the Foundation hopes to raise awareness about its crucial role in Malta’s ecosystem and advocate for its conservation.

Launched to fund the next stage of the project, the new crowdfunding campaign comes hot on the heels of the success of the previous, also driven by the voluntary organisation last November. That campaign exceeded its funding goal to raise €285 – a sum that covered the cost of printing posters and postcards promoting the cause to distribute to classrooms and students at five schools. 

Now, the Foundation aims to repeat this crowdfunding success to reach even further. “We recognise students as the driving force for change and want to empower them through education to help preserve Malta’s natural heritage and unique biodiversity for the next generation – particularly such an integral part of it, at risk of extinction,” explains one of the Foundation’s volunteers. “We thank everyone who supported our first campaign and made it such an enormous success. It highlights that the more funds we collect, the greater the number of schools we can reach and impact. Please help us reach more students!”

While working together to raise the new campaign’s €250 funding goal, backers can also expect to receive one of a series of rewards according to the amount they donate, such as A6 postcards showcasing the initiative and the opportunity to select specific schools to receive the promotional materials. 

Donate to the Empowerment through Education: National Insect Posters and Postcards for Schools and Students crowdfunding campaign on Zaar at

Photo Credits: Niki Alexander Mallia, John Borg, Monica Arong Darmanin, Mario Vella